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Day 2 of the 23rd Annual GRC2019 Conference

The day kicked off with Professor Nicole Gillespie who explored challenges around trust and culture which then led into a two-person plenary speech with Heather Loewenthal and Victoria Whitaker from Deloitte who considered the practical implications the measuring culture and the impacts that it has on an organisation.

After morning tea, there was a panel looking at the new consumer data right which is just around the corner. The panel featured the experts in the data and privacy space such a Jeannette Scott who is the Group Principal at Nexus Law Group, Dudley Kneller form Gadens and Anthony Hollis form Data Governance Australia.

Who considers the privacy and security concerns around the regime while acknowledging that the conversation privacy and the data sharing through open APIs are two different conversations.

This panel at the conference seems quite timely since it coincided with the release of the consultation of the CDR Consumer Safeguard Guidelines which can be found on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) website.

Attracta Lagan from Managing Values took a more workshop approach getting attendees to seriously consider what they need to do get the ethical conduct that they want. The week before the conference she published in an article looking at how to put the social back into the design of workplace culture.

After Lunch, we had Jeannette scot again but this time, she was looking specifically at the privacy obligations and the evolution of privacy regulation in Australia, while at the same time ensuring that attendees had a holistic sense of what their obligations were to the regulator.

She was followed up by Sarah Ewen from Public Speaking For Life who switched the pace a little by focusing on how to communicate effectively and sharing some critical tips on some effective methods of public speaking and some common pitfalls that newbie public speakers tumble into and lose their audience.

After afternoon tea (also known as the conference graveyard shift) Cem Ozturk from Kroll addressed the issue of reputational risk and showing that Australian companies are not exempt from international implications.

Ozturk highlighted some case studies with companies that they have worked in the past.

In session seemed up all the critical points the form the last two days that hovered around these key themes of reputation and trust.

Hope to see you all again next year.

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