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Nab Data Breach

On Friday last week, a member the big four was contacting 13,000 of its clients as a result of a data breach caused by human error.

NAB Chief Data Officer, Glenda Crisp, said the compromised data included customers’ name, dates of birth, contact details and government identification numbers.

“Our number-one priority is to support our customers. We are moving quickly to proactively contact every person affected,” Crisp said.

While the NAB has reported the matter to the Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner (OAIC), no formal statement has yet been office from their office.

“We have reviewed these customers’ accounts, over and above our rigorous normal checks, and have not identified any unusual activity. We will continue to monitor 24/7 to protect our customers’ accounts,” Crisp said.

The Notifiable Data Breach report for January to March indicated that 35 per cent of breaches reported under the mandatory data breach reporting scheme were the result of human error, with the majority 61 per cent due to malicious or criminal attack.

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