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How much do you protect yourself from cyber-attacks?

Last month, the OAIC promoted and supported privacy awareness week to help educate the public about their rights, as well as how they can protect themselves from cyberattacks.

One of the tools used was a Privacy Challenge quiz—which can still be found on the OAIC’s website. The Challenge was aimed at consumers as opposed to industry, and was intended to raise awareness about how people can keep personal information safe.

The OAIC told the GRC Professional:

The format of the Privacy Challenge is intended to highlight some of the day-to-day challenges for protecting personal information by presenting different “data danger” scenarios in an engaging way. It is focused at individuals and employees and includes situations where your own personal information, or customers’ or colleagues’ personal information, may be at risk.

They added that:

The content was developed through collaboration across the OAIC’s operational and communications teams. It was released during Privacy Awareness Week from 12-18 May 2019 and we are continuing to promote it through our digital and other channels.

When asked how often the scenarios had been launched, the OAIC indicated it was more than 2,000 times, to date.

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