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Podcast: Still Facing the Culture Question

The GRC Professional Podcast got a chance to catch-up with David Byrum from Human Synergistic Australia who addressed some of the misconceptions around culture, conduct and what organisations keep getting wrong.

Key Points:

  • Redefining culture

  • The problem with the term 'risk culture'

  • Effective language to reach the board

  • What attendees will come away with if they attend 9 April 2019 event, A Practical Guide to Shaping Culture.

Other Links:

  • David Byrum will be the facilitator in an event run along with the GRC Institute called A Practical Guide to Shaping Culture which you can learn more about here.

  • More information about the Human Synergistic International here.

  • For those who need to revisit the final Royal Commission Report

David Byrum, General Manager and Director of Human Synergistsics Australia

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