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Podcast: Talking Banking Trojans with Steve Cronan

How are you managing your cyber security risk?

In the first GRC Professional Podcast for 2019, Steve Cronan from SecureSoft speaks to the GRC Professional about Banking Trojans and the risks that they can pose to your organisation and the steps that organisations can take to mitigate these risks.

SecureSoft is making special offer for GRC Institute members. To find out more please contact us at

Keep an eye out on our events page for more information on the SecureSoft webinar on how mitigate the threats of Banking Trojans.

About SecureSoft

SecureSoft Distribution brings powerful intuitive cybersecurity solutions to new markets in APAC.

Located in Sydney they have specialised in cybersecurity since 2009. Our solutions protect thousands of businesses and tens of thousands of computers (and their users). We’ve now put together a special offer for GRC Institute members.

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