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* Click here to go the GRC Institute Website to dowload your copy of the GRC Professional Magazine: Summer 2018 Edition.* Talking to members, I have heard some saying that now is the time for us to take action!

Now is the time to leverage the awareness that has been created by the Royal

Commission into Banking, Superannuation and the Financial Sector.

But how do we do that? How do we articulate this in such a way to the board

and the

business so that we win hearts and minds?

At the International Federation of Compliance Associations strategic meeting in

Madrid, of which the GRCI is a member, I heard other associations say that their members are asking the same questions. This is a global issue!

The summer edition of the Magazine will hopefully give you some ideas about how you can improve your processes in your organisation.

Sara Ewen’s piece on impromptu speaking is one tool in the box that will let you know how to get the attention of the decision-makers.

From what we have learned, it is not only industry that needs to change the way they operate. Questions have been raised on whether regulators have been operating in the most effective way.

Dr Bob Murray challenges the notion that the current method regulators take may

not be the most effective way, and offers some suggestions as to how they could be more effective.

Dr Angus Young proposes the idea that the entire regulatory structure might need to

change as he considers the findings from the Royal Commission. Are the changes that are being made sustainable?

Anne Heilman-Inglis turns her own renovation into an allegory for building strong

compliance systems and how such a project can never be a ‘set and forget’, because

something will always go wrong.

Mohamoudou Gueye reminds us that it is not all about financial services and that the

questions being asked around governance, risk and compliance are being asked—and the answers examined—by other industries as well. What does good look like?

Sharon Harvey from Crestone talks about the importance of engaging and enabling the business and the importance of taking an investigative approach rather than acting as the ‘police’ to the business.

Martin Tolar, from ISO Certified, talks to the GRC Professional about the similarities

between culture and conduct in cricket Australia and the Royal Commission, but also

challenges the notion of an ethics commission and whether it will really have the desired impact of changing what appears to be systemic challenges.

What impact will future investigations have on the conversation about conduct and

culture for organisations?

How might this play a larger role in the professionalisation of compliance conversation?

*Click here to go the GRC Institute Website to dowload your copy of the GRC Professional Magazine: Summer 2018 Edition.*

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