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Rod Sims Reappointed

Rod Sims has been reappointed to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Chairman.

The government announced last week that they have extended his term at the competition regulator until August 2022.

“Mr Sims' reappointment will ensure continued stability and strong leadership of the Commission, particularly with important inquiries currently underway including the impact of digital platforms such as Facebook and Google on Australian media and advertising markets, the supply and demand for wholesale gas in Australia and residential mortgage products,” according to the statement from the treasury.

The treasury that the with the reforms that have been implemented based on the Harper Review the competition and consumer regulator has played an important role in keeping prices down.

When asked if the ACCC priorities would have been affected if a different chair had been appointed the Bronwyn Gallacher form CCL Consultants tole the GRC professional that the Sims was likely reappointed because the priorities had already been set.

“Priorities are set on an annual basis and any changes made are always reflective of issues relevant to the community. The ACCC conducts an environmental scan in preparing its priorities which includes feedback from stakeholders, including industry, government, and consumer groups, as well as an analysis of its own complaint data, Gallacher explained. “A new Chair may have some influence on which of the prevailing issues will be a priority or focus area, but I would not expect such a change to be significant, given it is not just the Chair but all the Commissioners who collectively determine what the priorities will be.”

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