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Snapshot of the Web:  Imposing your moral/or compliance standard

  1. More updates on the 1MDB corruption scandal.

  2. Cryptocurrency exchanges still at risk of manipulation.

  3. Portugal has issued a ministerial order for beneficial owner central register.

  4. ASIC ‘uncoupled’ from the public service.

  5. Andrew Cornell, Managing Editor of Blue Notes ANZ, takes a retrospective look of what the GFC could have been.

  6. Clancy Yeates writes in the Sydney Morning Herald about the rise of ‘conversational banking’.

  7. Students blamed for Uni cyberattacks.

  8. Interstate racket of fraudsters have been busted.

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Source: Hatchette Australia

Brett Flower, who is specialises in workplace culture Governance and Compliance said that he is reading The Excellence Dividend: Principles for Prospering in Turbulent Times from a Lifetime in Pursuit of Excellence by Tom Peters

Food for Thought

David Bartlett, Corporate Criminologist, had this to say in response to the GRC Professional Online’s question:

How can we shift the paradigm to get businesses to prioritise compliance?

“Perhaps the starting point needs to be a change in language. If we think about the very different connotations of 'compliance' compared with 'ethical business'. Ethical business has a more positive connotation and one which customers can relate to. People are more likely to value doing business with an ethical business, as opposed to a 'compliant' one. Yet by its nature an ethical business will ensure it is compliant. Business can use their ethical status as a marketing tool, but the same perhaps can't be said for its compliance status. Food for thought...”

Question of the week

At the recent GRC Institute’s Human Slavery-The Fastest Growing Criminal Enterprise, Julian Hunn, Financial Crime Compliance at Flight Centre Travel Group, shared his insights and raised awareness on how businesses could inadvertently be supporting modern slavery somewhere in their supply chain.

During the event the question was raised:

Can you have a global standard and impose your moral/compliance approach in jurisdictions with a different culture?

* Click here to read the Hunn’s interview with the GRC Professional Online on businesses and their potential risk exposure to modern slavery.


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