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Snapshot of the Web: Better Compliance Training?

  1. West African criminal network being probed for the laundering of $14.6 million.

  2. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) awarded two whistleblower awards adding up to US $54 million (approximately AUD $75 million) last week.

  3. Arvind Dixit and Phillip Catania for Corrs Chamber Westgarth look at the new Consumer Data Right (CDR)

  4. Patrick McConnell asks about the risk management process for ASX’s Blockchain?

  5. Manesh Samtani from Regulation Asia writes about MAS finalising new corporate structure for funds.

  6. Tom Keatinge writes in the Financial Times (FT) about not be able to fight cross border financial crime with local tools.

  7. What’s electro-ethics and what does it have to do with autonomous cars?

  8. The importance of regulating data.

  9. Andrew Kinsey looks at risk management in the context of maritime and shipping.

  10. David Jacobson from Bright Law writes about responsible lending and automated decision making.

Question of the week

Out of this round 6 looking into life insurance one of the key failings that have been training of the sales staff. What steps do you take to ensure that your frontline is adequately trained and armed to make the ethical decisions?

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